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An appointment with an Attorney can involve something as exciting as purchasing a new home or business or as upsetting and stressful as getting divorced, being involved in an accident or dealing with the death of a loved one.

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Collaborative Divorce - Collaborative Law

Divorce does not have to be an emotional and economic battle. There is an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce. Collaborative Divorce enables a couple to have a say in the divorce process and allows the couple to divorce with dignity, civility and on terms that are fair. Collaborative Divorce takes into consideration the needs of the divorcing couple and their children. Click here to learn more about Collaborative Divorce and Collaborative Law.
Bass & Abrams, P.C. - Divorce Lawyers Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City. 


Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, Non-married couples, Family Law Issues and Business Disputes

Mediation allows the Parties to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a trained mediator. The mediator does not represent the Parties. The mediators job is to assist the Parties to resolve their issues on terms that are satisfactory to both Parties. In mediation the Parties determine the outcome with the assistance of a mediator. Learn more about mediation. Bass & Abrams, P.C. Mediators, Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City.

Real Estate

We assist clients who are buying or selling a house, co-op, condominium,  multiple use property, investment property or vacation property. Click here for more information on buying or selling real estate.
Bass & Abrams, P.C. - Real Estate Lawyers Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one have been involved in an automobile accident, slip and fall accident or an incident involving civil rights violations, police brutality, or false arrest and would like to learn how to obtain information on your rights and responsibilities click here. 
Bass & Abrams, P.C. - Personal Injury Lawyers Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City.

Wills and Estate Practice

Preparing for the future is part of life. To learn how to obtain information about a will, health care proxy, living will, power of attorney, probating a will or resolving estate matters click here.
Bass & Abrams, P.C. - Estate Lawyers Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City.

Business Transactions

We can assist you in the purchase and sale of a business, the negotiation and preparation of a commercial lease and the formation of a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.), Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership (L.L.P.).  We assist clients with the resolution of business conflicts and disputes as well as issues surrounding family owned businesses. We can assist clients in resolving their business related disputes through mediation, civil collaborative practice or litigation. Click here for more information about business transactions.
Bass & Abrams, P.C. - Business Lawyers Westchester, Putnam, the Hudson Valley & New York City.


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