The Benefits of the Collaborative Process

  • A safe environment.
  • A fair divorce.
  • The process is private.
  • You stay out of Court.
  • You have your own Attorney.
  • No coercion.
  • Attorneys agree not to litigate.
  • The Attorneys and the divorcing couple have common goals.
  • The process is non-adversarial.
  • The setting is informal.
  • The process is respectful and civil.
  • There is an open exchange of relevant information.
  • The clients participate in setting the pace of the process.
  • The process concludes within a reasonable time.
  • The process is not subject to the Court’s calendar.
  • If there are children, a workable framework is set up for co-parenting.
  • A workable framework is established for future life cycle events such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, religious events and family functions.
  • The Collaborative Process is potentially less costly emotionally and economically.
  • The process attempts to bring an end to the marriage with dignity, understanding and respect.
  • Hiding of assets or relevant information is not acceptable in the process.
  • The Collaborative Process has a team of professionals available to help the divorcing couple and their children through the divorce process.

What distinguishes the Collaborative Process from Litigation?

How does the Collaborative Process work?

Frequently Asked Questions